Our trip post 7: Location: Spokane, Washington

Yesterday I biked over to my friend Will’s house and we went Geocaching. We found a Multi-cache (GC1R9Z8), and 2 regular caches (GC4G6JF, GC35K6M). We also found a cool dirt track in the woods. We then went to another friends house who we met at the Spokane County Fair. I was trying to open a gate and ran into a wire and scraped my hands, legs and fell on some rocks (luckily I didn’t hit my head). After playing for a few hours with Grace and Joy (Our friends), we came home. I found out I was sick, and vomited in the night a lot. I ended up sleeping with my mom and in the morning I woke up at noon and layed down for a while. Then the rest of the family went biking with our friend Justine. I did school until they got back (a few minutes ago, but it might be more unless you’re reading this about 60 seconds after I publish this). Then I posted on my blog.

Now I don’t know what to write about anymore because I caught up to the present (9:18 PT, September 18th, 2013) which is probably(100%) in the past now. I’ll talk about a app Mr Jeff got me called 1 Second Everyday.


1 second everyday is a cool app that lets you choose 1 second of video from that day and, after you’ve recorded a lot, you can put it together and see your seconds in a video. I’ve been recording since the 14th, missing some days but overall getting a lot of seconds. After this trip is over(or September is over) I’ll put it together and post it here.




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