Our trip post 13: Location: Meridian, Idaho

Jackson Hole was very fun. We found a lot of Geocaches and had a awesome house, climbed a cool hill, saw the Grand Tetons a lot and was within 20 feet from a bear. We’re staying with the Maculley’s for a week. My birthday is in 3 days (2 or 1 day(s) when you (most likely) read this) and can’t wait! (Wait, I can, I can’t not wait because time machines aren’t invented yet). We had a big party yesterday and I played a lot of basketball 2v2 and 1v1 and won once out of about 7 times.
Today Dad left to San Antonio, and we did school and Brooke and Ava went to school so we had the house to ourselves for a while. We went to a nature place, found a really hard to find Geocache and then to a awesome candy shop in downtown Boise. We got a lot of assorted candy, Nerd ropes and, most notably, Warhead sour candies. Isaac ate the candy, then sprayed the sour spray which he got earlier in his mouth. Isaac and I are probably going to the park soon to play soccer, cause we lost the basketball yesterday and we’re trying to find it. 1 Second Everyday dosen’t function that much anymore, so I just keep taking video so when they release a update for it, I can have all the days up until then. We’re here until about the 13th, so there will probably be another post in Meridian before we leave. I can’t wait for my birthday(figuratively)!

One thought on “Our trip post 13: Location: Meridian, Idaho

  1. Gabe,

    Thanks for sharing about our trip. It’s always good when you get out and play sports. I love that about you.

    I am so looking forward to your birthday also! It’s going to be an awesome day! I feel so lucky to have you as my son.



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