Our trip post 14: Location: Meridian, Idaho

I just turned 12 40 minutes ago and I loved today! We ate donuts at Krispy Kreme, jumped at Jump Time, played Basketball and rock climbed at the YMCA, and played soccer with some friends. Tomorrow’s our last day with Brooke and Ava. Then we’re staying here for a day and then leaving to Seattle and Portland. I’ve had a awesome time today with everyone, dodgeball was awesome at Jump Time, and soccer was great with our friends that we met at Mt Rushmore. We’re going to watch School of Rock when we get home. This was awesome birthday, and (rest of sentence goes here). I don’t know what to talk about now, so I’–3.14159265358979(random pi burst)(I memorized that much of pi and I’m trying to memorize more). Thanks for the awesome birthday(directed at the people who are reading this, unless you are not related to me or my friend, in which case I am asking you for what reason you are reading this blog, so… yeah)

(PS: I like parentheses, in case you haven’t noticed.

If you are smart I bet you are wondering where the closing parenthese is and it’s not going to happen until the next post. >:]

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