Trip post #18: Isaac’s birthday and Halloween

Location: Seattle, Washington
Geocaches: 177

Isaac’s birthday yesterday was very fun. We ate at Red Robin and then went to Dicks Sporting Goods and we all got roller blades. After that we went to the roller blading rink for 2 hours. It was really fun with our new roller blades and in the race I came in 2nd and Isaac came in 3rd. After that, we came home and watched Monsters University. Today we woke up (why do I keep saying that? It’s kind of obvious), did some school, and now we’re going to go rock climbing. I finished Ender’s Game yesterday which I got from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Robert. I’m going to read the sequels and the prequels and the interquels(or whatever the parallel series is called) soon. The movie came out in a theater here a day early. Well, I’m going rock climbing now so I’m going to end it here.

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