Trip Post #19: 5 things to do at the Geocaching HQ

Location: Seattle, Washington

Geocaches: 179

Groundspeak Headquarters

We went to the Geocaching HQ on Monday and we had a blast. When we got in the room, the lady was very nice and she gave us unactivated HQ Travel bugs for free, you can’t get them anywhere else except the HQ. The lady told us how Geocaching makes money (I was wondering that), which is by Premium Memberships, the Geocaching App and their online shop.

Signing the HQ logbook
Signing the HQ logbook








We signed the logbook in the giant chest and took some pictures in the photo booth, then Jadyn and I each got a Gecaching shirt and I got a free 30 day Premium Membership trial. I’ve been always wanting to go here and when I finally did, it was awesome. I’m going to try and finish the GeoTriad, which is a collection of three caches

1: Geocaching Headquarters(Seattle)

2: Original Stash Tribute Plaque(Portland)

3: Project A.P.E Mission 9 Replacement cache(Seattle)


The original Project APE Mission 9 got archived in 2011 and there was a replacement cache hidden.

If you visit the HQ, I recommend doing the following

1: Email and reserve a time, they are open Tuesday to Friday, 2-3 PM

2: Get cool Travel Bugs

3: Take pictures in the Photo Booth

4: Buy something (There’s some pretty cool stuff, like the shirt I got)

5: Sign the logbook, and on the app too if you have it.

The Cache




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4 thoughts on “Trip Post #19: 5 things to do at the Geocaching HQ

  1. Gabe, great tips for everyone! They did try and make it an inviting experience. I could tell that Groundspeak has a passion around their game and wants to ensure everyone has fun and plays well.

  2. I am glad you got to visit the headquarters. It sounds like you had a blast! I love reading your posts. Miss you.

    Love, Aunt Nettie

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