Trip Post #22: Going to Portland, OR

Location: Long Beach, Washington

Geocaches: 199


Yesterday was a very fun day, we went to work at Adelaide’s (with me only doing a little because I’m done with my term but I’m still reading books (I never stop doing that)) and after that visiting a library where we saw the librarian who we met at Adelaide’s. Sadly they did not have any Ender’s Game books but they had a lot of other ones (Well, thats what a library is…) that I liked and the librarian recommended a few good books to me. We came back to the house and watched the Mighty Ducks.

Today we’re leaving to Portland and seeing Makayla and the Kelt family there. I am almost done with the Time Traveler and I might post a review on this blog when I’m done. I’ll probably read the rest of the Ender’s Game series soon.

I’m at 199 geocaches as you can see above, and for my 200th I’m going to find the biggest cache I can. I’ll post a list of my favorite caches (If I remember the names correctly)

Our house in Long Beach, WA

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