Trip Post #23: Portland with the Kelts

Location: Portland, Oregon

Geocaches: 208

    A few days ago, the Kelts flew in to see us in Portland and we had a awesome time. We drove around the city, found a couple Geocaches (We found my 200th on the way here) and ate at Voodoo Donuts. Jadyn got to play with Makayla a lot and we went to a few awesome waterfalls (We found 2 Geocaches there) and got our National Parks Passport stamped. Yesterday we went Ice Skating and it was really fun (Note to self: Why would we do it if it wasn’t fun?). We dropped the Kelts off at the airport and said goodbye (until next time, which is in 3-6 months maybe). We went to Barnes and Noble, worked out in the gym and then went to eat dinner in the lobby. Today we’re leaving soon to Salt Lake City, UT and going snowboarding. We had a fun time here and I can’t wait to go snowboarding soon. PS: I just uploaded a new Stop Motion to my channel, here it is:

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