Trip Post #24: Salt Lake City, UT with Uncle Mike

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Geocaches: 210

We got in to Salt Lake City a few nights ago and picked up Uncle Mike from the airport. We’ve been traveling around Salt Lake City and today we had a soccer game with a team that we found the night before to play on and we lost 14-1 (I scored the point).

After that we saw our old house, the Maculley’s old house and the Fairbanks house. We went to the wood park and played around on the tire swing and the park. After that we went to the Fairbanks house for lunch (We had pizza, which is one of my favorite things, as you can see on my I like...  page, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should) and played soccer with them (The score was 6-3, my team won). They have 3 boys (12,9 and 1) and 2 girls (16 and 14) and they were fun. Our house is really fun, Uncle Mike gave me his Go Pro and I’ve been using it a lot.

Yesterday we went to the park and I ran 2 miles and we got SNOWBOARDS(!!!!). I’m hoping to go soon and I can’t wait! I also got a new Ninjago 2014 set (I still love Ninjago a lot), the Hover Hunter:

LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter
LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter




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