The Story of Theseus: Short Story, Movie Trailer and Chapter book

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I am going to see how short I can make this because I’m pretty sure that everyone who’s read Greek Mythology has heard the story of Theseus. Also, the intervals where the Athenean tributes are sent to be devoured vary (some versions say 9 years, some 7 years) so I am just going to say 1 year .

Short Story style:

Every year 7 boys and girls are sent to be eaten by the Minotaur in the Labrynth. Theseus volunteers himself to go and his father says if he comes back alive change the sail color to white. He slays the Minotaur but forgets to change the sails. His father, seeing this, jumps off a cliff and kills himself

Movie Trailer Style:

Random Pictures presents- A Gabe Dalrymple film…Every year 7 Athenian boys and girls are sent to be eaten by the Minotaur… 1 man… must fight to the death to save them… Will he be victorious?
Find out in: The Minotaur…
Coming soon… December 25th, 2013
No rights reservered
Batteries not included

Chapter book Style:

Chapter 1:
Theseus decides to put a stop to the sacrifices made to King Minos every year and volunteers himself to be taken to the Labrynth so he can defeat the Minotaur. Before he goes his father tells him if he returns alive, to make sure to change the black sails to white ones
Chapter 2:
Theseus reaches the Labrynth with the tributes and Ariadne, daughter of Minos, gives him magical thread to find his way out of the Labrynth if he kills the Minotaur. He reaches the Minotaur and eventually stabs/strangles it (different versions).
Chapter 3:
Theseus navigates out of the Labrynth successfully with the other 23 13 tributes Athenians (This isn’t Hunger Games) and makes it out to the beach with Ariadne and her sister.
Chapter 4:
Theseus and Co. fall asleep and are awoken by Athena who tells them to wake up and sail back to Athens and leave Ariadne. They do, but forget to put up the new sails. When he returns, his father, seeing the black sails, falls/jumps (different versions) off the cliff and dies.
Dionysus, taking pity on Ariadne, marries her. When Theseus returns, he is crowned king and mourns his fathers death. After a while he becomes harsh and no one likes him. They send him to a island and tells the king there to get rid of him as soon as possible. One day, while Theseus and the king are walking along a cliff, the king pushes him off, and he dies. The End!
Copyright 802,701
Random Barn Publishing
Published 2013
Each sold separately
1 of 23.1 rights reserved
So, how did I do narrating all the different versions?
(Did anyone get the Time Machine reference with the Copyright 802,701?)

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