5 things to do to be funny/humorous (like me!)

I decided a few milliseconds ago, why should I be the only one making people laugh? I should share my secrets with the world! (Well, Google) So here are a few things to do to be funny:

1: Use Parentheses

If you use parentheses combined with steps 2, 3, 4 and 19 that’s all you need to eat a sandwich be funny

2: Be punny

If you use a lot of puns then people will eventually think “Wow, this guy is very punny! I wonder where he got it from?”

3: Totally don’t never not use sarcasm

It’s confusing right? Time yourself to see how long it takes until your mind begins to wrap around the idea I’m trying to explain to you. If you use sarcasm, people totally do not think you’re smart.

4: Use your brain, your knowledge and your mind 😀

What the title says. If you don’t use your brain, you just aren’t thinking right. Although, if you don’t use your brain, you wouldn’t be reading this and you wouldn’t know how too spel.

5: Read the “Humor” Chapter on Winston Churchill: Never give in

I would recommend reading this to learn a lot of great quotes and witticisms. There are a lot of very funny quotes by him. Actually, I would recommend reading the whole book (although I already recommended it to you before in my “Book Reviews” post)

Thanks for reading/learning!

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