Trip Post #29: Arches National Park

Location: Durango, Colorado

Geocaches: 214


Last night was crazy. We drove for a long time, got pulled over by a cop for almost hitting him (no ticket!), who eventually gave us restaurant recommendations¬†(what police officer gives food recommendations?), didn’t stay in the house we planned on, so we drove for a while and eventually settled down in a hotel (where I’m posting this from). We found a few Geocaches on the way here (One Multi-cache and one micro in a cemetery), but I still need to find one in Colorado.


On the road we visited Arches National Park for the first time in 10 years, drove around for a while, took a lot of pictures and ran around off the trails (after watching a video saying not too, cause you can step on plant life). We learned that all arches have a life span, and all arches eventually collapse because of erosion, and rain. We saw Balancing Rock and Delicate Arch. I got the National Park coin from there. We got our passport things stamped and Jadyn got her Junior Ranger Badge (she finished it at about 3:50 and it closed at 4, but we were far away from the visitors center, but we made it even at 4:02). You can see all the national park coins here: I can’t wait to go snowboarding here in Colorado!

Published by Gabe Dalrymple

I am a young entrepreneur that snowboards, runs, backpacks, hikes, and plays tennis. I've traveled around the US with my family, and had some amazing experiences. I grew up in Austin, Texas and Breckenridge, CO, where I graduated high school in 2020. I started my own business in 2020, Gabe Media, and help clients with Google Ads, YouTube marketing, and video editing.

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