Trip Post #28: Even more snowboarding, Happy New Year, leaving to Colorado soon

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Geocaches: 212


We went snowboarding for New Years day yesterday at Wolf Mountain (Video coming soon) and we went night snowboarding. We did a black diamond (Which was actually more like a blue) and some rails and a fun box over and over again. It was a great New Years eve too, we watched a movie, then went to bed after eating and drinking bubbly (our name for sparkling juice). Dad came and got me after we laid down and I got up and we drank some more bubbly (the time was 12:01) and then I went to bed.

I’ve been making and editing some snowboarding videos with my GoPro in iMovie, so far I have “Snowboarding at Sundance”, “Snowboarding at Canyons (totally not the sequel to “Snowboarding at Sundance”)” and I’m going to finish editing “Snowboarding at Wolf Mountain (totally, definitely, absolutely not the sequel to “Snowboarding at Canyons”)” after I publish this. Here’s a list of where we’ve been so far:

  • Brighton (3 times)
  • Snowbird
  • Sundance
  • Park Cities
  • Canyons
  • Wolf Mountain

And we’re going to go a lot in Colorado (We’re leaving in 4 days), I don’t know where, but I know we’re going a lot. We’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately, including Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I’ve seen it twice, once with my mom and Uncle Mike, then once with Dad and Isaac. Isaac’s reading Hunger Games right now, he’s almost done with Catching Fire), Ender’s Game (With Isaac and Jadyn, we were the only people in the theater), Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone (at home with everyone), and everyone but me saw Frozen.

With every movie you go to there, you get to go roller blading, and we went a lot. There was a game called “shark attack”, where 2 people (employees there) chase you when the fast song is playing, then go back into the middle when the slow song is playing. If you get tagged, you’re out (duh). I came in 2nd, and Isaac came in 3rd (The prize was a free skate pass).


Today we went to a donation center that was operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Long name…) with the Fairbanks, went to a IMAX movie with them (Jerusalem), went running around the park again (we have to get in shape for the last soccer game which is on Saturday, January 4th(a day before we leave)) and did some sprints. I’ll probably upload the snowboarding videos when I’m done editing.

(as an afterthought, Merry Belated Christmas!)

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One thought on “Trip Post #28: Even more snowboarding, Happy New Year, leaving to Colorado soon

  1. Gabe, it is so cool all the snowboarding and roller blading you are doing — and the movies! Miss Robin and Ryan took me last week to see Hunger Games for my birthday. I enjoyed that movie a lot. Thanks for the update and photos. I enjoy reading about your journey. Take care and I miss you a lot.

    Mr. Jeff

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