Trip post #27: Snowboarding at Brighton, Snowbird and Park City

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Geocaches: 211 (I’m going to find more soon)

Yesterday we lost our soccer game 11-4 (Looking back, that was one of the worst ways to start a post). I scored a goal (as usual) and we were doing good until the second half. We’ve been snowboarding a lot, at Brighton, Snowbird and Park City. Brighton (as usual) was very fun. When we went to Snowbird, Isaac got lost, we found him and snowboarded at the place we found him. At the end (The last run), Isaac and I fell off the edge of the edge of the run, leading to lots of trees and hard ice. We finally got back up to the run and finished. Jadyn is snowboarding now and she is doing awesome for her 3rd day ever.

Snowboarding at Snowbird
Snowboarding at Snowbird

Today we went to Park City and it is my new definite favorite. There are a total of 260 runs there, but only some were open. We did a lot of runs and Isaac and I just sped down the mountain. I also made another Stop Motion yesterday, the sequel to my previous one.

Here’s a link to it on YouTube:–HGxfU

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