Trip Post #26: Christmas Caroling, the best library ever and the Hobbit

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Geocaches: 211

2 days ago (From when this post was written, not published, which was on Wednesday of last week) was really fun, we went Christmas caroling with some people my mom found here in Salt Lake City. The funnest house was either when we sang to a security camera or when a man invited us into his house. We had a great time, and I played a boy in Jenga and chess (I won), and I also played the piano at their house.



Yesterday we went to the best library ever. They had places to read that were built into the wall like the crystal cave and the jungle gym. We got a library card and checked out some books.

After that we went roller blading at the movie theater and then we went to The Hobbit on opening night! There was barely anyone there! (Apparently Mormons are only supposed to go to movies that are ‘uplifting’, my mom told me and so that’s why the movies are only $4 a person plus you get to play a round of laser tag free with purchase. So you end up only paying $20 for our whole family plus some free games)

The Hobbit was amazing, but it ended where you’re like “YOU CAN’T END IT THERE!” since they’re making another.



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