Trip Post #25: Snowboarding at Brighton

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Geocaches: 211


We went snowboarding for the past few days (Thursday, Friday and Sunday), and we had an (not a) awesome time going down the mountain again and again. Isaac and I learned to carve, and I am doing awesome! On Friday when we went snowboarding, Isaac and I got the last spot on the ski lift and got to go one more time (We got on the lift at 3:59:58 PM, with two seconds to spare!).

We’ve had a fun time at the house too, playing Pictionary (We spent a long time looking for it at various Targets and Walmarts all around Salt Lake City, in the end, Uncle Mike finally found it at a Toys R Us far away), Boggle, eating stuff (6 packs of gummy bears from Brighton, cookies, pie, etc.) and watching some movies. On Sunday we got on the ski lift at 3:56, and I zoomed down and made it in at 3:59 (without Isaac or Dad) and was the last one on the ski lift again.

We started school again, and that has been fun (for me, although many kids in this world would not put school in the “fun” category). I’ve been doing some stop motions, and I finally bought and started reading “Speaker for the Dead- Ender’s Game Book 2”. I am also reading 20,000 Leagues under the Sea by Jules Vern, and I am enjoying it a lot. On Saturday we (my Mom, Uncle Mike and me) went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the movies while Isaac, Dad and Jadyn saw Frozen. The movie theater was an awesome place. They had an indoor roller coaster, rides, arcade games, a roller rink (We’re going on Wednesday) and Laser Tag (We played a round before the movie started, and I got the high score for the round). Today is a normal day, we’re doing school and… yeah, that’s basically it.

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