Trip Post #31: Snowdown, Snowfall and Snowboarding.

Location: Durango, CO

Geocaches: 224


The Dewey’s came up to Durango a few days ago to stay with us for a few days. We went Snowboarding at Durango Mountain Resort four times and it was a blast. The last day (yesterday), we went to the park, Isaac and I did some jumps, a rail and a fun box. I also did a board-grab (snowboarding terminology is so hard) and I went too high and too fast on a big jump and landed hard on my bottom, flipped over and hit my head (Yay for my cool red helmet!) and landed on my shoulder (no broken bones though. Yay!). I’m still a little sore but other than that, I’m fine. Today we’re doing schoolwork (for the past week we’ve been substituting school for fun and snowboarding) so I can catch up.

A few days ago Durango had this celebration called Snowdown, where there was all kinds of games and a parade. The theme this year was safari, so Jadyn got dressed up as a leopard. The parade was fun, kids threw candy to us, Kai passed me his candy to put in my big jacket pocket, and we got the most candy ever and we still have some left over. My mom also bought me Geocaching Premium Membership so that means even more geocaches!
We’ve been caching with the Dewey’s and it’s been fun.

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