Trip Post #36: St George, another house

Location: Southern Utah, somewhere on the road

Geocaches: 248

We’ve stayed with our friends the Winn’s for the past few days, they have 4 girls, 1 boy (10, 12, 14, 17 and 19). We found a lot of Geocaches, 9 in one day (my record is 12, on my birthday) with their Grandpa and the youngest girl Heather. We’re going to be moving into a house near them for a month on Saturday (we were going to move in yesterday, but we couldn’t just yet). We also played pool and foosball a lot.


We hiked, and ran almost 3 miles with them next to a river. It’s getting warmer (I miss snowboarding a lot, I never got to 50 MPH, I GOT TO 49.8!), so that means hiking and more Geocaching! While we’re in St George we might do soccer and lacrosse.

Tomorrow we’re probably going to see The Grand Canyon.

We entered the lottery to see The Wave (look it up), and there were a lot of people there, and only 10 get picked (not us) to see it the next day.

We’ve driven through Zion National Park twice, but we might go again to go hiking.

Today we stopped at a coffee shop for my mom and dad to work, and I read a lot of The Book Thief. It’s a great book which I will narrate when I finish. The reason I’m reading it is so I can watch the movie that recently came out. I also finally watched Frozen after boarding at Steamboat.

We’re getting back into school after a little extended spring break for boarding.

The Snowboarding 2014 video (Produced, Directed, Shot and Partially edited by Me, Edited by mom) is finished, so I’ll upload that soon maybe along with one of my old videos.

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