How we work on the road

Basically we work on the road off our iPads. I can do 90% of my school day with my iPad Mini. A big part of my school days are reading, as I’ve shown you in multiple posts. The rest is math, posting and copy work. I can finish a school day by 12 if I start at 8.

When we’re on the road, all we need is an Internet cafe with internet and our computers. I guess we can work in the car, cause we have a wifi hotspot, but cafés are much better. My dad can work with his computer, phone and Wi-Fi or 4G anywhere. Sometimes calls drop because we’re in the middle of nowhere. I usually use my app to post on my blog from my iPad or iPhone, which Is what I’m doing right now. I also have a Kindle app, which is what I mainly use for reading. We can work anywhere, and I love it.

I can remember so many places where we’ve worked, like a lot of Starbucks, so many other coffee shops, restaurants, houses, my bed (that’s where I usually do my school), the car, hotels and more. We can download books on the Kindle in 10 seconds, and always read wherever we are unless the iPad dies, in which case I can’t read.

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