Start of my next school term: Gallileo and the Magic #’s (not hashtags, numbers): Chapter 1

Gallileo is a boy living in Pizza (Pisa) and is turning 9 years old tomorrow (in the book, not real life). His father is a rich musician and Gallileo is going to a tutor on his 9th birthday. His tutor shows him Pythagorean # magic

#+words=tweet, #*#=#, #*2=(#*2)

I can’t show you Pythagorean number magic (I just deleted 90% of this post and I’m not going to write it again). Basically you take some pebbles, then arrange them in triangles of 1, 3 and 6, and the first 3 #’s = the fourth number. (I just wrote it again). Gallileo’s father decides to move to Florence, where the Legendary Leonardo Di Vinci lives, because Gallileo’s father is becoming a full-time music teacher.

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