Drawing of an Eurasian Eagle Owl

I was at Paradise Bakery doing school, and I was thinking how most of my pictures of animals aren’t as good as Isaac’s, and how I only usually draw scenery (I’ve drawn our old house, our house in Durango’s kitchen, SKA Brewing company’s bar, and a coffee shop’s interior, and they were good!).


So I decided to draw an animal for once (I tried to draw a cardinal a few days ago but I quit because the head wasn’t going to be proportional to the body and the eye was messed up).


 I was thinking of an animal to draw, and the first thing I thought of was “Not a bird,” so naturally, I drew an owl, which is a bird. The actual thought process I had was like this:

“What should I draw???”

“It’s so hard drawing animals, and I don’t like it”

“I should draw an animal!”

“What’s a good animal”

*I think of a completely random animal that I haven’t attempted to draw and that is not a dog, horse, cat or tiger*

“I got it! An owl!”

So I drew this:

My Eurasian Eagle Owl
My Eurasian Eagle Owl


I got a compliment from Isaac, so I know it’s good. You can always count on Isaac to tell you when your drawings suck, when they’re misshapen, too big, and other various things. Every once in a while when I draw something good, he gives me a compliment. So I know Isaac really means it when he says good drawing. He also knows when his drawings stink too.

I drew him snowboarding once, and he said I drew his pants too baggy. I argued that they really are baggy (they are a few sizes too big), but that’s besides the point.



Isaac always knows to tell you whats bad and good about your drawings. He draws amazing pictures, but sometimes just goes into detail on one point, and can’t finish the picture in time.

I’m going to start drawing animals and stuff more. I’ll have more drawings on my blog than Isaac (he has 3), but not as many overall. I might post some other drawings I have soon.

2 thoughts on “Drawing of an Eurasian Eagle Owl

  1. Hi Gabe,

    Very, very impressive! The owl drawing is so cool. I also like the drawing you did of the bakery. The detail and perspective make it vivid for the viewer. Great job!

    Mr. Jeff


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