Trip Post #38: Hiking the Narrows at Zion and Las Vegas

On Saturday we went to Zion National Park with Heather and Brinley Winn, and we hiked part of the Narrows, the last 2/3rds of it that we walked was water. We didn’t go all the way because we didn’t have enough time. We went halfway back, and did our usual thing with our cool stoves and Snowpeak gear (we just got some really cool titanium Snowpeak sporks to use with our titanium mugs). We had ramen and really amazingly good healthier cookies. I took my GoPro and recorded underwater, but you couldn’t really see anything. On the way back on the bus, we tried talking to the driver through the speaker in the second bus which we were in. There was a sign that said DRIVER CAN HEAR YOU but we asked him to say hi to the people in the back bus but he didn’t reply. Jadyn and Heather did the Junior Ranger program but the visitor’s center was closed when we got back so they didn’t get to turn them in.


Yesterday we went to Las Vegas for the first time so we could go to REI, we’re going to go to Las Vegas later to actually do stuff there. We saw a lot of cool stuff there as we drove through the Strip like Caesar’s Palace and the Wynn Hotel. We were thinking how funny it was that the previous day we were hiking in Zion and now we were driving through Las Vegas a long ways away from Zion.



We also went roller blading for the first time in a while (It was Salt Lake City that we went last, so about 3 months ago, I think it was January), and we had an awesome time. Isaac, of course, did a lot of cool tricks in the middle, and Jadyn came in 2nd in the limbo (the kid who won was about 3 years younger than her). I basically came in last, they started the bar really low.


Today we’re doing school and going to go to play tennis with Brinley at the Summit Rec Center. It’s also Isaac’s best friend Sam’s birthday today. That’s basically what we’re doing today. I’ll also upload my 1 Second Everyday today (actually about 5 minutes after I post this).

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