Galileo and the Magic #’s: Chapter 3

Galileo is at the university studying medicine, and meets his fathers friend Ostilio Ricci, who teaches mathematics. One day Galileo comes up with a brilliant invention he calls the Pulsilogia, which tests whether a heartbeat is beating faster or normal by use of a pendulum. He continues to go to the university and gets taught by Ricci, while staying with his uncle. His uncle want him to explain everything, and at first Galileo wants to know why, but then realizes he can remember it a lot better when he relays it to someone else (like me, narrating a story to you). He doesn’t have the money to stay another year in school, and the professors dislike him for asking too many questions that they can’t answer.

Published by Gabe Dalrymple

I am a young entrepreneur that snowboards, runs, backpacks, hikes, and plays tennis. I've traveled around the US with my family, and had some amazing experiences. I grew up in Austin, Texas and Breckenridge, CO, where I graduated high school in 2020. I started my own business in 2020, Gabe Media, and help clients with Google Ads, YouTube marketing, and video editing.

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