Huckleberry Finn: Short Narration

Author: Mark Twain
My rating: 8/10

I finished Huck Finn yesterday really late last night and the first thing that I thought was “That was a dumb ending”. But, I liked the rest of the book, and it was good, so I’m going to narrate it (Real reason for narration: I have to do one for school today).

Huck Finn helps his slave friend, Jim, escape from his owner (he liked his owner, but she was going to sell him down the river) on a raft going down the river. They go on a lot of adventures, hiding in a cave, finding a houseboat with a dead man on it, and escaping the fake King and Duke. In a twisting ending, Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle mistake him for Tom, and have Jim, Jim being taken to them by the King and the Duke. He sees the real Tom, and the real Tom says he is Sid, Tom’s younger brother. They plan to get Jim out of his prison house, but instead of sneaking him out in the night, Tom wants to devise a complicated plot, like he has read in books. After sending an anonymous note to his aunt and uncle saying that he and Huck we’re going to steal Jim, which makes no sense because they were trying to sneak him out without them knowing. Jim gets recaptured, Tom gets shot in the leg, and Tom tells Huck that Jim was actually free the whole time, his owner having died and freeing Jim in her will, but Tom didn’t tell Huck because Tom wanted an adventure. Dumb ending. The book could’ve been 7 chapters shorter.

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