Trip Post #41: Bryce Canyon and leaving St George

Location: Somewhere in Nevada

Geocaches: 258

We left St George a few hours ago and are now driving to Death Valley. 2 days ago we went with the Halls to Bryce Canyon and saw Thor’s Hammer, Queen Elizabeth, and hiked a long ways. The last stretch of the hike we sprinted about half a mile uphill up all the switchbacks. Then we went down a little and ran a little bit of it again. Then we ran another half mile to the cars. It was really fun, and we went to dinner with the Halls afterward.

Yesterday we went bowling (I got the amazing score of 26, while everyone else got a score ranging from 40-100. I don’t think bowling’s my thing. But Tennis is. And Soccer. And Football, Basketball and Pool (which isn’t really a sport)) with the Winn’s and out to dinner. I had pancakes for dinner (Wow, I really can’t think of anything else to say right now other than that) and we played table football.

Today we basically jumped in the car and headed out. I’ve been reading my book (Insurgent, Divergent Series book 2) ever since.

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