Trip Post #42: Fun with the Halls and Yosemite

Location: Three Rivers, CA

Geocaches: 261


We’ve been in Yosemite National Park for a while with our friends the Halls (Their website) and we haven’t really had service or Wifi, so I couldn’t post. We hiked a lot of waterfalls, like the Lower Yosemite Falls, the Mist Trail, and a lot of others (sadly, not Half Dome. It was closed).


Mother’s Day was awesome, we hiked 1/4 of a mile to Glacier Point, ate dinner with our Snowpeak stuff, met some people, I took some awesome pictures and we hiked back. I gave mom a card I made with my Molskine app and a slideshow I made in about 5 minutes on my phone using the iMovie app.


We’ve been in Three Rivers since yesterday staying in a hotel and the Halls only a minute away. We kayaked on one of the Hall’s rafts which had a convenient hole that Noah patched up but started leaking again. We were sinking by the end, but it was fun.



We’re going to see them today again.

I realized that just a few weeks ago I have been officially Geocaching for 1 year. WOOOHOOO PARTY!


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