Galileo and the Magic #’s: Chapter 5 and 6

Today I have come to bring you, no, not 1, not 3, not 1.3, but 2, 2 chapters of Galileo and the Magic #’s. I’m going to try to narrate this in a different manner than my other narrations, because who wants to hear a narration just as it’s told? Narrations + creativity + humor = Good Blog Post (MATH AND NARRATIONS IN 1 AMAZING POST).

Short narration that should sum things up:

Galileo works as a professor at Pisa, where his ideas are not supported by the other professors, who, as he calls them, are ‘Aristotle Worshippers’. He does experiments, proving that a 10 pound weight doesn’t fall 10 times as fast as a 1 pound weight. He says that all professors there just speculate, and don’t actually experiment physically, and he is right. At the end of the chapter, who should come up, you’d never expect it, no, not Abe Lincoln, not Columbus, but Ricci, who tells him that his father is dead.

That sums up Chapter 5, so here’s 6:

Galileo -> Venice. In Venice, Galileo gets a job in Padua as a professor, needing a better pay because he is the sole provider for his family now.
Galileo -> Pisa. Galileo returns home to set a few things straight with his family, then sets out to Padua.

That sums up chapter 6 (not much happened), so that sums up the post!

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