Galileo and the magic #’s: Chapter 7

It’s been a while since I last posted! 2 weeks! But, I’ll do another post that isn’t some narration I have to do for school later. So right now, I’m going to focus on doing this, then I can have fun and write a post that I want to write.

Alright, so Galileo is in Padua, and he tells his friend about a compass that he has made, measuring square roots and cube roots. His friend mass-produces it, and Galileo becomes rich. His brother Michelangelo, who we’ll call Michaelangel so I don’t have to write an O every time (:P), came to his house asking to stay with him. Galileo reluctantly accepts, because he is generous, and no other reason. Except probably that Michelangelo is his brother, and that… That’s the only other reason. Virginia, Galileo’s sister, is getting married but her husband won’t marry her unless he Virgina has a dowry (nice guy). Michelangelo needs 500 florins to get to a palace of a prince who he will be a musician for. Galileo needs money for Virginia’s dowry. Michelangelo says he will pay him back, so Galileo agrees.

A new star had appeared in the sky, Galileo claimed. Aristotelians disagreed. Aristotle didn’t predict it, so it can’t happen, they said. Galileo argued with the professors and was on the losing side, because most people treated Aristotle’s work like a religion. His friend told Galileo to be careful, because someone got burned at the stake the previous week… To be continued, the next time I read the book again…

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