Trip Post #49: Back to Texas…

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Geocaches: 306

August 4th, 2014

We’re coming back to Dallas today, driving from Oklahoma. Today we checked out of our last hotel room, and we’re going to our last National Park (Well, actually National Recreation Area, and to be really specific, Chickasaw National Recreation Area).

It’s always sad coming home from a trip, especially one this big. All the memories…. Spokane, Seattle, Snowboarding, Salt Lake City, Running, Soccer, Durango, Hiking, Snowdown, St George, Angel’s Landing, That one crazy night, etc.

When everyone reads this, we’ll probably be in Austin, so….. Hi!

5:19 PM: We’re back in Texas, we got in at 4:07 (just for later record). Just thinking, that we’re about to re-enter the world of our old life. 6 minutes to the restaurant…. We got a Junior Ranger Badge from Chickasaw, and it’s cool, we got a patch too.

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