Once and Future King: Chapter 3.14: nylreM

This is going to be very short, so read it.

So, last I left off, Arthur is wandering through the forest.

Arthur is wandering through the forest, when he sees a house. An old man comes out to meet him, can you guess who it is? Nope, not Gandalf, not Dumbledore, not Yoda, but Merlyn (it’s really spelled that way)! Merlyn says he is Arthur’s tutor, and he should come inside.

Merlyn explains to Arthur that he experiences time backwards, which is very weird to think about…. But anyways, moving on, or back, in Merlyns case (get it?). The chapter ends with Dumbledore and Harry, wait, excuse me, Merlyn and Arthur walking back to the castle (which is not Hogwarts).

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