A Yankee In King Arthur’s Court: Narration Part 1

Ok, I’m going to make this quick, cause I have other stuff to do.


Hank is a superintendent for a firearms and machinery manufacturing company, who one day gets a man they call Hercules angry, and Hercules promptly knocks him out with a crowbar. When he comes to, he is captured by a knight (Sir Kay) in shining armor, and thrown in a dungeon, where he sees a boy who came with Kay, who he calls Clarence for no reason at all.

He is sentenced to death simply because he looks weird in his 20th Century clothes, and realizes 2 things:

1: There just happens to be an eclipse on the day he is supposed to be executed.

2: He can use that to his advantage.

He says to Arthur, if he is not released, he will make the skies darken and take away the sun. The next day, which he believes to be the 20th, the day before the eclipse, he is brought out, to be executed. He freaks out, because he thought he was supposed to be executed on the day of the eclipse! It turns out, he was wrong about the date, and the eclipse happens. he is let go, and dressed in royal clothes.

He realizes he is the smartest person in the world, and makes Merlin, who is a fraud, very jealous. He blows up Merlin’s tower, with the power of pyrotechnics.

He has Merlin thrown in prison, and he starts getting known as “The Boss”. Basically, he’s on a path for world domination…



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