SHORT Narration: Fallacy Detective

Ok, I have 20 minutes and I’m going to try and get out as many narrations as I can in that time. So…. 3…. 2…. 1…. One sec, I have to go tell Siri to set a timer…. Ok now.


Ok, first book. This book I’ve been reading (big surprise there. What? I have to keep at least one funny), and it really teaches you how to know what people are doing when they talk to you, such as if they are trying to dodge a question or say something that does not apply to the original sentence, but seems to, like some advertisers do.

That would be called a Red Herring, and here’s an example from the book, I quote “Porcupines make good pets. Studies show owning a pet makes children happy!”. See? I’ve been learning a lot about red herrings and a lot of funny example problems.

I think you should read this book because it really teaches you how to analyze someone when they’re reasoning with you, plus it’s a really simple book, you don’t have to read a LONG chapter every sitting, the chapters are really short and fun, and that’s my opinion, compared to the long, strenuous, no-fun-or-funniness-or-anything-like-that (-wow,-look-at-all-the-dashes) kind of books.

Amazon Link: The link is hidden somewhere in this post, try and find it! (Hint: It’s the first letter of the 9th word)

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