Not-trip Post #2: LAST DAYS OF BEING 12!!!!!!

8 more days till I’m 13!! I’m going to K1 Speed here in Austin, and it’s going to be awesome!! I remember last years birthday and thinking “Last year of being a kid…”, and now that the day is almost here, I’m remembering it! Wait, that made no sense. Anyways…. We’re having fun in Austin, playing soccer, wanting to be back in the mountains, doing school and whatnot. We’re supposed to be facing a really hard undefeated team this weekend, so… I hope I score a goal for my birthday soccer game. Snowboarding days are almost here again! We’re going to have so much fun at Breckenridge, Vail and all the other resorts. More videos too! Well, I’m going to go eat something now, so….


(End of post sentence goes here)





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