Funny quotes!

Ok, to make up for yesterday’s horrible narration, here’s something better. I’ve collected a few funny quotes that we randomly said in the past few months, and here they are:

“When you say France, I think of King George” -Isaac.

This one was completely out of the blue, and we laughed a lot.

“Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get the 2nd free!” -Noah Hall

I think we were making up funny sales pitches, and this was one of the hilarious things we said.

“It’s not as cold as Glacier Water!!” -Us, every time we encounter a seemingly cold river to jump into.

“Not to rush you, but hurry up” -Dad

I think we were late to soccer practice, and he didn’t want to rush us, but he did want to rush us. Wait, what?

Dad: “Were you being tentative???”
Jadyn: “Um….. hmmmm…… No….”

I don’t remember when this was, but we all laughed a lot.

Me: “Ok Noah, I have a magic trick! I’ll make this coin disappear!”
Noah: “Ok, show me!”
Me: “Ok, close your eyes”

This was when Noah was showing me magic tricks.

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