Saints and Heroes: Columba

Columba lived in the 6th century and had many quarrels with King Dermot.

Back in those days, there were 3 ways to get someone’s book. 1: You buy it. 2: You borrow it. 3: You copy it.

Columba and an unnamed person strike a deal where Columba copies Finnian’s book. When Columba finishes copying it, Finnian says the copy is his. They take the matter to King Dermot, and the King says each Son-Book belongs to the writer, just like the Original. Now this, as you can probably tell, Finnian’s motive was probably to sell the copy, and Columba could’ve been smarter in not trusting him.

The second instance which made Columba hate the king more was when the King hosted a party, and, in everyone’s drunkenness, someone got killed. The General who killed him goes to Columba for assistance. The King is too quick though. The King comes and murders the general.

Columba, angry, goes and gathers followers who go kill the king. And that’s how Columba stopped wanting to kill the king. I think the king deserved to die, but if the king was a bit nicer, I think he would’ve spared the General’s life, therefore unknowingly sparing his too.

After this, Columba had had enough. He sets sail, and ends up on Iona, an island off the coast of Scotland. Iona becomes a training place for missionaries like Columba. Columba decides to spread the word of God and goes to North Scotland, then inhabited by the Picts. He shares about Christianity with their king, and as you know, people will do what the king says.

Columba spends his life spreading the word, and when he is done, he walks up onto a hill, looks over his farmers and people, goes to his barn, and dies peacefully. And that’s one person who’s lived a very meaningful life. He was buried in a little cemetery where they buried kings, from Ireland, Scotland, and even from Norway.

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