Watership Down: Hazel

I am reading, Watership Down this term, which is a book about anthropomorphic rabbits. Hazel trusts his brother Fiver when he claims to see visions about the future and leaves their warren due to Fiver seeing impending doom.

Hazel makes a lot of decisions as the leader of a group of runaway rabbits, and for the most part, they are wise decisions. He is tempted by warrens that they come across, and when Fiver tells him they need to go, he wants to stay.

After they escape the warrens, Hazel leads the group to a new warren they found (Watership Down), and makes plans to find some does, seeing that the uninhabited warren is, well, uninhabited. He learns to be a very good leader, analyzing the qualities of the rabbits that join the group, and assigning them various tasks helping the group survive.

He is very brave, leading the charge and setting traps against other hostile warrens, and defeating many enemies. I think all the other rabbits look up to Hazel, and know that they can survive in Watership Down with him around.




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