Watership Down: Hazel

I am reading, Watership Down this term, which is a book about anthropomorphic rabbits. Hazel trusts his brother Fiver when he claims to see visions about the future and leaves their warren due to Fiver seeing impending doom. Hazel makes a lot of decisions as the leader of a group of runaway rabbits, and forContinue reading “Watership Down: Hazel”

To Kill a Mockingbird: Review

My rating: 9/10 I just finished ‘To Kill a Mockingbird a few seconds ago, and I have to do a narration for school anyway today, so I thought “I should do a short review of this book!”, and I will, right now, this second, no more waiting, no distractions, Oh hey, a donut! *10 secondsContinue reading “To Kill a Mockingbird: Review”