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Isaac, Jadyn and I have been racing BoarderX, and Jadyn is going to Nationals! She’s tied for third in the country currently, with 31  places.

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Isaac’s 89th out of 150 (with a 6th place, a 7th place and a 12th place), and I’m 129th out of 205 (with two 10th places and a 12th place 🙁 ).


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BoaderX was really fun overall, but I wish I got out of my heat at least once. Isaac had an awesome win and got out of his heat once, and made it to Semi Finals. He got 7th out of 11 in his Time Trial, and that put him in Last Chance Qualifiers (which means they eliminate everyone but the first place guy, where usually they take the first and second. So Isaac had extra pressure.)

He was behind everyone most of the course, and behind the first place guy by 10 feet at the last few turns, but coming into the last jump, the other guy lost all his speed by hitting the jump and not clearing it, but Isaac bounced off of the knuckle of the jump and got first.

In the semifinals Isaac lost to our friend from Team Summit JR by a few feet and took 3rd. JR went to the finals and took 3rd, so he got a medal.


I had an interesting run that day, I got last and had to go to LCQ’s, and I was up against my friend Henry, also from Team Summit. In the middle of the run (I was in 4th), the second place guy tripped and took out the 3rd place guy, making me trip too, but I rolled and got back up, and I took second.

When we got back up, we figured out someone from Isaac’s age group accidentally raced with us, messing up everything and delaying the competition for a while. We had to rerun the race again, Henry took second and I took third, which was really maddening for him…

Of course, Jadyn destroyed her competition by like a third of the course…. So no big story there….

The second day, it was just two Time Trials, not any actual racing. I got twelfth…. And Isaac lost to our friend Bodie (who’s also going to Nationals) by 3/10th’s of a second, taking seventh. Jadyn OBLITERATED her competition by twelve seconds. That day, we heard all the other girls in her group asking their parents “Do you think I could beat Jadyn?”. She was the one to beat, not that they came close…. 😛

We’re also trying to find a sponsor for Jadyn, which would be AWESOME for her. I think she can get one, especially since she keeps destroying her competitors.

Well, moving on… Tomorrow is Pi Day (3-14), and it’s also an extra special Pi Day, cause it’s 3-14-15. There’s two achievements you can get for Geocaching, one for finding a mystery cache, and one for attending an Event Cache (yeah, that’s not happening for us…. There’s literally no event caches within 50 miles).

I’m going to try and solve a mystery cache tomorrow, so I can at least get one achievement.


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