The Fallacy Detective: Either-Or

The Fallacy Detective has been my favorite book this term. It’s very simple, and very, very helpful, while putting wit into every chapter. It gives you an insight on a lot of fallacies that people commit, and most of the time you don’t even notice them! Well, not anymore! This one isn’t one of my favorite chapters, but it’s still good, and I just read it, so I’ll give a summary on it.

Either-Or is the fallacy someone commits if they only see two options to a problem, when there really is other options besides those two options.

An example the book gives is the line “Give me Liberty, or give me Death”, quoted from Patrick Henry. There’s other options besides Liberty or Death, and in this case, Henry probably knows that (so…. Not really a good example), but with this sentence he’s limiting himself to two options. This is what Dad talks to us about a lot, about not limiting yourself, keeping yourself open to other options and ideas. 

Very simple concept this chapter, so that will pretty much do it for this summary, I’ll probably start giving summaries on previous chapters if I have nothing else to write about, as I really ENJOY reading this book and spotting fallacies.

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