Life of the Spider: The Epeira Part 1


The Banded Epeira, unlike the tarantula (who I read about before, but you wouldn’t know that cause I didn’t post about it…), doesn’t poison its victims. Instead it just paralyzes it, then sucks it dry.

Later in its life, it makes a cocoon for its eggs, spinning a bag sort of thing about a centimeter tall, threading it with its hind legs, then filling it with orange-colored eggs. After that, it closes the sack with zigzags across the top. The Epeira then makes sort of an armor around the sack, threading over and over around it.

If you tried to unwind it, it would unroll, being completely connected. She then switches threads, and covers the sack with a final layer of dark thread, ranging from dark brownish red to black.

After this, she comes down from her web, and slowly dies, her work being done.

Published by Gabe Dalrymple

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