Summit Home Track Meet

I had another track meet today, and to start it off, 7 teams decided not to come due to snow/rain. So we only had like 3 teams competing against us, and only 1 for the High Jump, which was my first event. I, of course won it, cause the other team got out at like 3’10” or 4′. I had a 100 after, and got second to Jacob, who I was neck and neck with the whole time, and my time was 13.95, cause the track was wet and made of asphalt, so I couldn’t wear spikes.

After the 100, I got ready for our 4×100, which we did not practice for and just went for it. We ended up taking 1st, with me running the last 100, beating the 8th grade team by 3/10ths of a second, with 57.1 seconds as our time. Right after the 4×100, I had about 20 seconds to prepare for the 800m run, which I’ve never run before. I completed the first lap great, but started feeling the pain at around halfway through the second lap. I took second, with a time of 2:51.

I have one last track meet on Tuesday, the championship finals, which should be fun. I’m running the 100, the 4×100 and the Sprint Medley.

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