Battle Mountain Track Meet Qualifiers

Yesterday I had another track meet, which were the qualifiers for the finals, which are on Tuesday. The High Jump didn’t have qualifiers, so this was the finals for it. I did the High Jump and the 100, cause my other 2 events, the 4×100 and the Sprint Medley automatically move to Tuesday for some reason. The meet started at like 5:15 PM, and went until like 9:45. My first event was the High Jump, and I knew I had a chance to place, cause everyone’s highest height they’ve jumped was about 4’4″. Almost through at 4’6″, I had to take a pause to go run the 100. I ran it in 13:37, and I think I can get maybe a tenth faster if I went again. I took 3rd or 4th in my heat, and 5th overall, but that would still be enough to take me to the finals.

High Jumping
High Jumping

I went back to the High Jump after that, and missed 4’6″ twice, but then got it on my last try. I made 4’8″ on my first try, but then barely hit the bar on 4’10”. The last guy I was jumping against did everything I did, he got 2 scratches, I got 2 scratches, but he got scratches on 4’8″ and I got scratches on 4’6″, so I got 2nd overall. It was a pretty fun meet, we got to mess around for a while on the high jump until they put it away, and I got home at like 12:30.


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