Track Meets, Team Summit, and Our Trip To Boulder

gabe and dad

Last Saturday, we had a pretty crazy day. I woke up at 6:10 (REALLY LATE), and the bus left for the track meet at 6:20, but Dad just packed up really quick, and gunned it down the road to the school. We caught the bus just as it was leaving the school, and I got to go to the meet! Whew!

That morning, Jadyn had her first soccer game (which they won), and then Isaac had to leave for a lacrosse game in Boulder.

I ran the 100m, 200m, 4×100 and did the High Jump. Unfortunately, I failed on high jump at 4’4″, after getting 3’8″, 3’10”, 4′ and 4’2″ on my first try…. I might’ve taken 3rd, but probably 4th or 5th. On the 100m dash, I got about 13.8 seconds, and took 4th (if the results the loudspeaker guy said are official… Oh well, I’ll see the results later this week when they’re released to the schools.).

On my 4×100, which I ran with my same team, and we got 1:02 (We can’t seem to get anything below that!), and probably took 3rd. We came in 2nd in our heat, and there was other team who just dominated in the second heat.

My last event, the 200, I took either 3rd or 4th, I think (I could be wrong), but they didn’t call out the official places. Jadyn scored a goal in her soccer game and won, but Isaac lost his game 7-5, but it was close the whole game.

After the meet, we had about a 2 hour drive to Boulder, before going to the Team Summit (snowboarding) awards ceremony. Isaac and I were nominated for an award. We stopped off at the hotel so I could shower before we left.

The awards ceremony took place at a cool arcade place with a nice dinner area and bowling alley. I played some games with my friend Akos and Michael Mawn (they were also nominated). After the announcements started, we just sat and watched (and ate the free cookies) until the awards came up.

It turned out that I won the “Best Sportsman” award, which was kinda surprising! I’ll have my name on a plaque in the Team Summit office, which is just awesome.

The next morning, Isaac had two lacrosse games, and won both of them! After that, we went to REI where I got my backpack for backpacking this summer, to a cool Cuban restaurant, and then back to Keystone.

Yesterday, I had another meet at Homestake Peak (Vail, CO), which was a relay meet. I was one of a few people to have run 2 events. I ran the 4×100 and the 200 in the Sprint Medley. We took 2nd in the 4×100 and 3rd in the Medley.

My next meet is next Thursday, which is the Championship Qualifiers. I can’t wait!

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