Back on the Road!! (Finally)

Location: Moab, UT

Recent National Parks: Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Curecanti, Colorado National Monument

Well, we’re gone from Keystone! We’re now traveling again, and visiting some more National Parks. We hit Curecanti National Recreation Area, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, which were both awesome. Black Canyon had some amazing views, different than the Grand Canyon, but same idea with the size.

Painted Wall

We’re staying in Moab for 2 days, going to visit Canyonlands, and then go to St. George for a day or two. Soon enough, we’ll be backpacking in the Channel Islands! After that, the Sierra Nevada’s, then it’s off to Alaska! We’ve been collecting more Junior Ranger Badges, stamps and tokens, and we should have about 40 after we hit the 3 others that we are going to.

It’s crazy to think that we spent 6 months in one place, and I’m glad to finally be back on the road. These are just some things that we did in Keystone in the last six months:

  • We joined Team Summit
  • We played a LOT of Tennis at the Keystone Tennis Center
  • Isaac joined the lacrosse team, and won a championship tournament
  • I joined the track team, and made it to League Championships
  • I learned I was good at High Jump
  • Jadyn joined the soccer team, and scored some goals
  • We ate a lot of early-morning breakfasts at Einstein Bagels….
  • We all competed in Boardercross, and Jadyn made it to Nationals, and took 7th
  • We had all our friends from Austin come up for a week
  • Uncle Mike stayed with us for a while
  • We spent a lot of time at the rec center
  • Played a lot of basketball
  • Ate some food
  • Ate some Fondue

And… We’re making a video/slideshow, but here are a few photos:

yo-yo from breck

high jump









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