End of Snowboarding Season 2014/2015!


This snowboarding year has been great, with learning a LOT of new tricks, along with racing in Boardercross and meeting a lot of new people in Team Summit. I probably should’ve done this post a while ago, but I thought we were going to go one more time. I’ll add a few links to videos of my tricks on YouTube.

Adding to my trick list, I can now

  • Backside 180, Frontside 180
  • Backside and Frontside 360 (I can backside 360 on almost anything)
  • Switch Backside 180
  • I nailed in my cab front 180’s, and can do them on any jump, any time.
  • Snow Skate
  • Go off bigger jumps
  • Backside Boardslide on boxes and rails
  • Ride the half pipe (but only slightly getting out…. Until next year)
  • Boardercross
  • Nose and Tail Grab (not the best at tail grabbing…)
  • Mute grab
  • Melon Grab

I think I learned a lot this season, and can’t wait for the next season! These are my goals for next year:

  • Backside 540, Frontside 540
  • Switch Backside 540, Cab Frontside 540
  • Switch Backside 360, Cab Frontside 360
  • Nail in and master my backside 360’s and 180’s to where I can do them anywhere.
  • Backflip
  • 360/540 in the Halfpipe
  • Frontside Boardslide

And maybe these, but they’re unlikely:

  • Backside 720
  • Front Flip

We had some awesome last days at Arapahoe Basin, although very few powder days this season, it was still awesome. I had an awesome time with Team Summit, especially the Airbag day, the Snow Skate at Beaver Creek day, all the Boardercross days, the Big Mountain Training Day, and the day where it was just Matt, Sam, Isaac and I. I’ll be posting a snowboarding 2015 season video/slideshow of most of our awesome photos this year soon.

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