Birthday in Nashville!

Well, my birthday came and passed again (funny how it keeps doing that), and it was honestly pretty laid-back, but fun nonetheless. I played two soccer games while my mom and her sisters ran a 5k, then went roller blading with all the aunts. Roller Blading is so much fun, which is probably the reason why we carried them around the country…. We all won our races in roller blading, my mom had the DJ guy person put on one of my favorite songs, and then we went to Desano’s Pizza for lunch.

We picked up two cakes and headed back to the house, where I opened all my presents. Isaac got me a very strangely shaped Rubik’s Cube,
And I got a lot of cool presents from my aunts and uncles! So yeah, really fun! Later I went out with my mom and dad, and they got me a new GoPro casing. 

We’ve only got a few weeks left here, then we have about a month to travel, then it’s off to Colorado for snowboarding season! 

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