Preparing for Nationals!

I’m in! Isaac’s in! I found out a few days ago that I got invited to Nationals for Boardercross! Isaac narrowly made it in too! We’ve got a lot of training next week, and I’ll definitely be ready for nationals. I race on Monday, April 4th, and Isaac races the next day on the 5th. Jadyn has her halfpipe competition on the 3rd, slopestyle on the 4th (Hey mom, come watch me race instead of Jadyn’s slopestyle! :P), then she gets two days of rest, and finally, finishes out nationals with boardercross on Thursday. I’m nervous, but I know that this can be preparation for next year, where I plan to qualify in more than just boardercross, and get a good place in boardercross.

Ready to race...
Ready to race…

Track starts next Monday, and I’ve been exercising a ton in preparation. I can’t wait to start high jumping again, and racing/jumping¬†against all my old competitors from last year… I think I have a good shot at clearing 5’4″ this year and breaking the school record.

I also landed my first backflip on a snowboard! We went out into some woods at Breckenridge, built a jump, and I went for it! I never really completely ate it into the ground (Isaac did though), and pretty confident about trying it off a medium-sized jump. If you can’t see the video, click here

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