End of snowboarding season 2015/2016!

Well, it’s that time of year again, where the snow melts, resorts close and spring starts. I had a good snowboarding season this year, and I know next year will be the best so far, because I have all the skills I need to start making huge improvements in Bordercross and park in general. I’m going for top 20 in Bordercross at nationals next year, and maybe even an overall award. Adding to my list of tricks and skills this season, I can do a backside 540… sometimes, backside 360’s anywhere, cab 360’s, and wildcats (backflips). I’m glad about making it to nationals in Bordercross, and even though my first race didn’t go the way I wanted it to, 42nd place out of 75 isn’t that bad…. I’m like at the top of the group of people who didn’t make it out of their first heat 😛

I got to compete in Boardercross at Ski Cooper, Crested Butte and Copper this year, and all of them had unique courses. Ski Cooper’s start was pretty weird, it featured a flat start to a drop, right into 6 rollers into a turn, all (unfortunately) hand-built. Crested Butte’s course was pretty mellow, with a flat start, a few mellow rollers into a turn, with no big jumps or drops throughout the course. Copper’s nationals course was a bit more extreme, starting with a drop into two step-ups and two rollers. The rest of the course had a lot of drops and rollers throughout the course, finishing with a jump.

Racing at Crested Butte
Racing at Crested Butte

I bought a snowskate this year, and it’s been fun riding it around different mountains, and learning some tricks on it (I can’t ollie or kickflip yet though, maybe next year). I got to ride with my old Team Summit coach from last year when he organized a snowskate day with Hovland and ID Skates (two snowskate companies), and that’s how I got a snowskate for pretty cheap.

Woodward was a pretty awesome experience this year, with a lot of practice on trampolines and foam pits. Even though I can’t do many of the tricks that everyone else can do there, I can do consecutive backflips, a lot of spins up to a 1080 on the supertramp, layout backflips, and I landed a triple front flip into the foam pit at the end of the season (almost breaking my nose when my knee collided with it).

We should be making a full season video soon, I just have to get the time to start working on it. I’ve improved a ton this season, and I know I will improve a lot more next season, definitely more than this season, if I keep at it.

My goals for next season are:

  • Backside 720
  • Better backside 540
  • Cab 540
  • Frontside 540
  • Switch backside 360
  • Layout backflip
  • Underflip?

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