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For the past few weeks (I think, actually, it’s been around 2 months), my brother Isaac and I have been performing outside YoYoLoco, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO. This has been a combination of YoYo Nights (Where we get our friends to come together for an evening and YoYo outside), working at YoYoLoco, and just plain performing for fun.

Isaac performing for a crowd on September 4th
Isaac performing for a crowd on September 4th

We’ve gotten to meet some cool people and we’ve gotten to teach some cool people, and that’s been awesome. Watching Isaac perform is a great thing to see – He starts out slow, he tells me he doesn’t want to perform. I convince him to do one 1-minute performance. After he performs, he decides he’ll do one more. And then another. And then a few more. By then, a crowd usually gathers (depending if we were performing inside or outside), and he’s all in.

I join in occasionally, but that always seems to go… terribly. Eh, I’ll get it eventually. I just have to stop doing tricks that make me get knots in my string the majority of the time… Anyways, a few weeks ago we got to meet Jason Gartling, as I probably mentioned in a previous post. He’s a crazy-good YoYo player, who traveled to the World YoYo Contest this year, entered the Wild Card round, qualified, and placed 52nd in the preliminary round, which I think is respectable!

A while ago, I made a YouTube channel for Isaac, which is called YoYoTravel (go check it out!). I’ve recorded and edited a few videos here and there for him, and I think that although we fail a lot, the videos really showcase all the fun that we had while performing inside and outside, night and day, at YoYoLoco. I’ll embed a few of them below, so you can get a good idea of what we do when we perform 🙂


We’ve been having a great time, and even though it’s not summer anymore, I’m hoping we can get all our friends together again to perform and YoYo. There’s even talk of hosting a YoYo Contest…. And that would be really epic!

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