4 more days!

That’s right, it’s only four more days of being 14 for me, and then I’ll officially be 15 (and able to get my learners permit too…). Unfortunately, my birthday falls on a Monday this year, and since I’m not homeschooled anymore… That means I’ll have to escape from school celebrate either late at night, onContinue reading “4 more days!”

YoYo Performing

For the past few weeks (I think, actually, it’s been around 2 months), my brother Isaac and I have been performing outside YoYoLoco, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO. This has been a combination of YoYo Nights (Where we get our friends to come together for an evening and YoYo outside), working at YoYoLoco, andContinue reading “YoYo Performing”