Revving up for Nationals

Nationals is literally just around the corner now. Saturday marks the opening ceremony, and from there the competition begins. I’m qualified in just boardercross again (I didn’t qualify for slopestyle, but it was close), and that should be helpful to just focus on one event versus multiple. I opted to skip training days on the boardercross course, but I’ll get an hour of training in on Saturday. My actual competition is on Monday, April 3rd, and it all will go down in a single day, so hopefully I’ll make it out of a few heats, maybe even to the top 10, which is my goal for nationals.


Jadyn has a significantly busier schedule, with Halfpipe on Monday morning, Rail Jam on Monday evening, Slopestyle on Tuesday, and closing it out with Boardercross on Wednesday. We’re all cheering for her, and I’m really hoping that she can take top 3 in an event this year. Isaac decided not to compete at nationals this year to focus on his lacrosse season and prepare for next year’s competitions, even though he got invited in both Slopestyle and Boardercross.

Even with all the recent track meets and busy schedule, I’ve been getting myself mentally prepared for the competition, and planning out what school days to skip to get more time on snow before I compete. I still need to get my race board waxed and my bindings repaired (one of my straps snapped recently), but I should have everything completely ready by the time my competition comes around. The nationals boardercross course looks phenomenal, and I can’t wait to launch out of the starting gate and ride it. From what I’ve seen, it will be the best course I’ve raced on to date.

This will probably be the last post I’ll write before I compete, unless I have time to write a quick one in between training, homework and sleep. I’ll be riding tomorrow and Friday, riding the course on Saturday, training again on Sunday, and competing on Monday, so this is my last “normal” day until after nationals is over. I’ll be attempting to live stream Jadyn’s rail jam later in the evening on Monday on either Instagram or YouTube, so our family and friends can see her compete. But in the mean time, it’s back to snowboard training.

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